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D e s i g n    T i p s

Easy to use style tips to make the most of your home, and your personal style.

t h e  MIX

One of the easiest ways to make your home look, and feel unique is to mix style eras, and looks.

Your are layered, unique, and multi dimensional, let your home be an extension of that.

1: Start with your foundational style. If you're mostly modern in your approach, pick clean lined, modern pieces as the anchors. If you're more traditional, choose classics as your main furniture focal points.

2: Add accents (art, lighting, accessories, etc.) in an opposite style from your foundational one. When there's a bit of contrast, your main style stands out more. A sea of all modern, or mostly traditional tends to blend in and nothing becomes interesting.

3: Don't be afraid to take chances with your accents. It's much easier to switch out an accent pillow that might be out of your comfort zone, than a sectional, or living with a flooring choice your took a *risk*on. Keep the big ticket items within your comfort zone.


You got this!


s m a l l  s p a c e style

A simple way to break up a small boxy room, and create the look and feel of more space, is to use round/curved pieces of furniture.


This can help soften a room, as well as leave

your space with extra breathing room.

go BOLD!

Never underestimate the power of COLOR.

Dark walls (and matching dark ceiling) not only make for a dramatic, stylish look, but with the right contrast in furnishings and accessories, the illusion of more space in a small room is created. 

It's a designer trick used for decades.

Add it to your style files, and personalize it! 

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